Welcome to Shedon Studio – Shedon is Elf in Hebrew.
We Elfs are masters in branding and creative.
Our customers usually seeks for outstanding branding and creative results.

You And Us

Our flexibility is endless!
Because… we love to meet people and brands that desire to make better and new things. Together with our will and professionalism, we adjust ourselves to the customer. Yes, we believe the customer is rightly always right! For each project, we have the right professional elf, both to digital marketing, strategy, and every other advance solution.

Why With Us

If you haven't met design and visual communication elves, this is the time! Much before we address the design work or brand improvements, we build the appropriate marketing strategy. These stem from our elfy and robust need to help our clients use their brands in a beneficial result driven methods.  By the way, it is not only how we work; it's the mother of all of our ambitions!

Why Us

If you desire in a quality branding and positioning.
If you desire to improve your brand experience.
If you want to make your brand more unique.
If you don't compromise on quality and service with a smile.
If all of the above are your design wishes.
We will make your brand better and greatly told.

Shedon Design Studio was established in 2005 by Shachar Ziv, A flexible and flowing and distinct graphic designer. Over the years, the studio filled with more designer elves together with the design trends, thoughts, and progress... Since then, our goal is to take our customers to safe heaven of visual communication with advanced solutions, embedded in a design strategy for every project, where the common passion lies in all forms of design and Innovative creative culture. Our specialty wears many sprites needed to promote brands accurately and matched by choosing colors, images, shapes, fonts and updating all current and new trends. You'll find that clean lines are an integral part of our creative minds and a trend that refuses to pass, so our customers see in Clean top priority for their brand. Beyond versatility, we do not compromise on calm empathy and patient service. Our other favorite things include a cup of coffee or two during the working day accompanied by a smile every sip and surfboard, not during the summer days. We flow with our customers every day anew. Come and flow with us to create new or improved branding. ​
Shachar Ziv - Graphic Designer שחר זיו - מעצב גרפי
Shachar Ziv
Graphic Designer